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Ways To Protect Car Paint

It’s a saying which marketers use ‘eye level is the buy level’. First thing which catches the attention is the appearance whether it’s a person or a car.  There are multiple ways which has been introduced to protect a car’s engine, but overall think of a scenario where engine is tip top but, unfortunately the color has faded to an extent where the car is looking as if  ‘used rigorously or poorly managed’ NO! That’s not true, but how one can justify the maintenance when car appearance is reflecting a negative story. Let’s discuss some very basic but effective rules to save the paint of a sweet dream car

Wash regularly: basic, simple and must know rule, wash it regularly there is a misconception regarding water wash people assume constant impact of water fades the paint away; that’s absolutely not true there is difference between constantly showering your car with pressure pipe water and washing it with the help of water in the bucket. This trick can be used daily without any fear of fade. Just make sure to avoid the exposure of slime water on the car (because that will eventually dim the overall look of the color).

Apply car paint protection film, ok this is something optional and could be done if needed depends on the value of the car paint for example: in some regions white car paint is cheaper as compared to other color, so if white paint is torn off repainting is a better option than to seal it. Back to paint sealant there are some technologically advance option available to saving the paint i.e. Ceramics or thin film protector these can be applied on the car and it’s worth paying.

Wax: cheaper, easier and contains DIY factor and amazingly effective, go to any hardware or mechanic shop ask for ‘Car wax’ that wax can contains everything which is needed, a foam to apply wax, a bar of wax itself and a complete manual of how to apply it. For your information in order to apply car wax you have to wash your car first, to remove all the dirt and dust.

Rub and polish: it’s a continuous process, one should keep doing it monthly because this is actually not possible that you are driving a car and never got hit, scratched and/or dented. Rub and polish overall helps to reduce the amount of scratches and this trick is a very good definition of KIZEN, which states ‘keep doing small but continuous improvements’.

Car cover last but not the least, no matter its Lamborghini, Ferrari, Suzuki Cultus or xyz… no matter what the environment is? No matter what color is there on the car? Irrespective of sunlight, snow or rain, just cover your car when it’s parked outside; it is a tiring process to cover and uncover your car every now and then but, it is so important that it could be rule # 1. Take good care of that car, it will fade otherwise. Visit Protekt Auto to find out more details on how to protect your car paint.